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Intelligent Reach
Optimise your products' reach with the Aurora Intelligent Reach integration.

Making your listing data compatible with hundreds of ecommerce channels.

Users of the Intelligent Reach platform know a thing or two about getting the widest reach with the least amount of development work.

The solid MS Azure platform has developed the capability to both make your product data compatible with an extremely wide selection of marketing channels such as Amazon and Ebay, as well as optimise your listings to give you the best visibility.

If you'd like to know more about our IntelligentReach integration or to find out how to connect your third-party solution to the Aurora ecommerce product, give us a shout.

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Marketplace Mapping

An Intelligent Integration

Intelligent Reach offers many options around data feed optimisation and marketplace management.

Optimisation across over 1,400 channels worldwide
A/B and MVT testing for your product data
Automation and machine-learning recommendations to keep your listings optimised
Access to ready-made feed templates
Auto-scale feature allowing you to handle increased demand during peak times
Integration included within license fee

We're not big fans of complex integration work either, you see.

So when we heard of Intelligent Reach eliminating the need for bespoke work to list your inventory with multiple marketplaces, we were on board. Which is why we developed a single solution that allows our clients to connect their Intelligent Reach account directly to the Aurora ecommerce platform.

The result is quite simple: easily list your products on the channels you want, optimise your data feed and manage the resulting orders, all within the Aurora ecommerce platform interface.

We'd be happy to go through the nitty gritty details of how we make it all work.

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