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As a market-leading gift card solution provider, Givex is hard to ignore for retail businesses who wish to provide their customers with a smooth omnichannel experience. It offers ecommerce stores of all sizes the opportunity to expand their payment capabilities to new multi-channel markets and generate loyalty through online reward programs.

And at Aurora, we are always on the lookout for the most innovative products out there so we can partner up, and help our clients scale up. That's why we've developed an integration that ensures a seamless connection between your Givex payment solution and our ecommerce platform.

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Inclusive Commerce

All for one, one for all

You can now manage your rewards and gift card functionality, as well as all your other ecommerce features and integrations, from a single dashboard. We think it's pretty niffty too. All without the hassle of a complex custom integration project.

And that's not even the best part. All our integrations come as standard. For every single one of our clients.

Purchase and redeem gift cards both online and in-store
Buy and receive gift cards on mobile with e-gift cards
Check balance and transaction history
Integration included within license fee

We all know the high street is moving online...

But offering a smooth experience to those customers who choose to jump from one channel to the next, that's the real challenge.

With its Givex integration, Aurora allows you follow your customers, wherever they want to shop.

Find out how easy it can be to connect your Givex account to the Aurora platform.

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