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Aurora Commerce and Tableau

Aurora Commerce announces a new Tableau integration to provide business intelligence and analytics to its customer base

At Aurora Commerce, we’re always looking for ways to give our customers the best by partnering up with innovative companies who excel in their fields of expertise. And when it comes to ecommerce data, there is nobody out there better than Tableau, the world’s leading analytics tool. This is why, after a successful selection process in partnership with Biztory, we’ve created a unique custom integration that allows the Aurora ecommerce platform to offer Tableau’s advanced reporting features as standard, right out of the box. And after a conclusive beta testing phase, we’re looking forward to rolling out this new development to our entire customer base throughout 2021 at no extra cost.


Preset reports to get you started

From our many years of experience in the world of ecommerce, we’ve learnt that access to rich customer data is only one part of the equation. Once you’ve got a great business intelligence tool, you also need the skills and knowledge to make sense of your data sets. So, before launching our new Tableau integration, we’ve spent time building all the preset reports our clients need to hit the ground running as soon as they log in. And by ‘hit the ground running’, we mean get to work on turning complex customer data into actionable insight that will help boost sales, automating tasks and making better decisions for their retail business.


Ecommerce data reporting at your fingertips

Current users of the Aurora Commerce platform know we already offer some pretty comprehensive reporting features out of the box. So why go further and create more work for ourselves? Because we always strive for the best, and Tableau is unrivalled. Their sole focus is to give organisations the data they need to turn insights into sales. With Tableau behind it, the new Aurora reporting tool collates and blends together data from every single connected information source, from website to warehouse, into a single easy-to-use platform. This development allows Aurora users to fully understand and optimise their entire sales pipeline, from lead management to shipping. With this kind of far-reaching global customer insight, the possibilities are endless. Aurora’s Tableau integration allows its users to report on pretty much anything, from which sales campaigns work best to which trends are coming up around the corner.

But whilst having the best tool available out there is great, we know big data can be confusing. Not every ecommerce retailer has a dedicated analytics team to make sense of it all. That’s why we’ve taken on all the hard work. Aurora Commerce customers will benefit from pre-built dashboards and reports with all the information they need right from the start. We’ll keep updating those regularly and enhancing them, so our users are always up-to-date. And for those who need more advanced reports, we can build custom dashboards with just about any data set under the sun, and even give clients access to work directly from the Tableau interface. We’d be happy to teach our community users the basics on how to get the data they need.


The Aurora Commerce integration

When we identify a technology partner that would make our clients’ lives better, our development team gets to work creating custom in-house integrations that take away as much of the hassle as possible. Tableau was no different. Unlike other big ecommerce providers, Aurora takes all your data and gives it to you IN Tableau! This means that we don’t just hand over your data and leave them to get on with it; we integrate it directly into your ecommerce platform, without the need for third-party plugins. We take care of all updates, maintenance and security patches as well, so that’s one less thing to worry about.


A market-leading analytics partner

How did we know Tableau was going to be the right ecommerce analytics platform for Aurora Commerce’s clients? We’ve done our homework and thoroughly investigated the market. Tableau is fast and intuitive, and we couldn’t have found a more powerful, specialised tool with such an easy-to-use interface to help our clients leverage their customer data to boost sales, reduce costs and optimise their ecommerce operation from website to warehouse.

So if you’d like to get to know your customers better using Tableau, give us a call. We’d be happy to take you through the Aurora platform or the new reporting and analytics integration. Or give our partner Biztory a shout for more in-depth reporting advice, or for tips on how to get the most out of Tableau.

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