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Asset management as part of the package.

Managing your localised dynamic content.
From one central location.

For many organisations, Amplience has provided a better way to manage their retail platforms worldwide through the flick of a switch than Adobe's Scene 7 product. And as asset management products go, Amplience has proven itself a worthy contender amongst big brands all over the world.

So it goes without saying that ensuring a smooth integration between our ecommerce platform and our client's dynamic content management system was a top priority for us.

And guess what? We nailed it.

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It's already compatible

No complex technical project needed to connect your ecommerce platform directly to your asset repository.

Increased speed for faster load times, potentially eliminating the need for CDNs
Headless CMS allowing for non-technical users to create and modify content
The platform handles device and channel asset customisation
Integration included within license fee

Because ecommerce should just be easy.
And if it's not, you've got the wrong platform.

At Aurora, any solution we've developed comes as standard, so all our clients can benefit from our customised Amplience integration as part of the package. This allows you to manage everything in one single place, no matter now many retail stores you have or how much you grow and scale up over time. We also take care of maintenance, so you don't have to worry about keeping up with product upgrades.

Seamlessly connect your asset management system to Aurora's ecommerce solution without any hassle.

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