Growth planning: taking your ecommerce business to the next level

08th May 2017 @ 16:13 | Aurora Commerce

It’s not surprising that retailers want to capitalise on the continuing boom in ecommerce. According to eMarketer stats, online remains the single fastest growing channel, with global online spending forecast to surpass $23 trillion in 2017.

However, catching this mighty wave will take some doing. A stark reality is that legacy ecommerce platforms are a significant pain point for retailers planning a rapid growth trajectory.

Overcoming obstacles to online growth

The main frustration is that, while there are significant sales opportunities, consumers are demanding a reliable, fast-performing, mobile-friendly and localised ecommerce experience. Yet not all retailers can deliver this across all markets, particularly during peak trading periods like Black Friday, when traffic volumes soar.

In order to help retailers innovate their online offering around rising consumer expectations, Aurora Commerce has created a new report – Running on Empty: is your ecommerce platform holding you back?

Our report looks at some of the key obstacles standing in the way of ecommerce growth, particularly surrounding performance and internationalisation.

For example, saturation in established online markets (particularly the US and UK, where consumers are proceeding with caution in light of economic influences such as Brexit and the Trump government) is pushing retailers to explore emerging international territories.

However, the practicalities of creating a regional customer journey overseas without diluting the global brand cannot be underestimated. Complex issues arise around diverse currencies, local payment systems and different tax arrangements.

Choice of ecommerce platform architecture is critical to the success or failure of market entry. Retailers need an infrastructure that can be easily customised within their brand template – not only at the front end, but in terms of the functionality it can offer local customers.

While limitations may be overcome in the short term, the truth is that the constraints of legacy platforms will make it impossible for retailers to achieve their long term goals. This story is the same for both small online businesses looking to facilitate the next stage of growth, or a large established retailer planning an ambitious international expansion strategy.

To fully capitalise on the $23 trillion online revenue opportunity, the ultimate goal for retailers should be to introduce an ecommerce platform that enables online customers to get what they want; when and where they want it; through whatever digital device they are using; anywhere in the world.

Plan for growth with Aurora Commerce ecommerce platform

To help retailers meet the challenges of growing their footprint in the dynamic, fast-moving online environment, Aurora Commerce has developed a highly scalable, cloud-based platform. Already successfully implemented by a number of leading retail brands, the platform is highly flexible, scalable and quick to deploy – a genuine alternative to the frustration of being locked into expensive, inflexible, monolithic technology.

To understand what’s slowing down your online growth, download our free insight guide – Running on Empty: is your ecommerce platform holding you back?

To discover more about the Aurora Commerce platform, visit our features page.

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