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12th January 2015 @ 17:08 | Aurora Commerce

January Blog What’s up for 2015 So 2015 is already careering away quicker than many of us would want, and we’re all peering into our crystal ball (apps, probably) hoping to accurately predict what the next big things will be in digital and ecommerce, and how we can best utilize them to our, and our clients benefit. Back to Basics Much as with the habit of mobile phones in the middle of the last decade looking to go smaller and smaller, before everyone realised that actually, you need to be able to do stuff on them; the trend to look better, rather than provide a decent customer experience has come to an end. No more flash sites! With customers becoming increasingly savvy, and viewing and shopping on a multitude of devices, there is increased emphasis on ensuring a quick and painless journey from discovery to purchase, continuing last year’s focus on responsive and the ‘omni-channel’ approach. Click and Collect Although 96% of shoppers surveyed were going to use Click and Collect over the 2014 Christmas period, the numbers didn’t quite reach those lofty heights,: although a confirmed 39% is still a sizeable increase on last year. As multi-channel retailers increase their solutions and attempt to woo consumers with better service, Click and Collect will only grow in popularity. Food for thought: will we see the beginning of partnerships between online only retailers (e.g. ASOS) and the high-street, or will the battle lines be drawn even further, with better delivery options (e.g. Shutl) being offered. Magento Magento 2 is going to make big waves, but are they all for the right reasons? After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, Magento 2 has brought with it visual merchandising and promises of an easier system to integrate and work with. Sure, having an open source platform is good, but when you’ve got hundreds of developers all working on their own implementations and modules, you’re bound to run into trouble occasionally. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so we’ll have to wait and see if it’s all it’s cooked up to be. Either way, proprietary platforms such as our very own Aurora can be viewed as more stable, with all the functionality built in and fully compatible from the word go. In House Design teams As the number of agencies grows, as does the number of internet savvy commerce managers in more high street brands. Where as previously, everything digital and site based might be outsourced to an agency, we’re increasingly seeing services such as design and content creation, brought in house. Several of our clients have toyed with, or indeed do, have in house design teams. This I useful if you require constant changes and tweaks, but if you’re only planning to change things around every few months, the cost isn’t really justified. So here we are. 2015 lies ahead. Where will we be at the end?

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