A farewell to 2014

16th December 2014 @ 09:24 | Aurora Commerce

2014 is drawing to a close, and in another massive year for ecommerce, in which we saw mobile traffic overtake desktop for the first time ever (52% in July), and Black Friday arrived with a much bigger bang than last year (some of our retailers saw 5x the level of traffic compared to last year), retailers pushed the boat out to improve customer experience and attempt shrink the gap between on and offline thanks to various omni-channel innovations.

Here are a collection of our favourite sites and pieces of marketing that we noticed this year.


Simple and effective design. Everything is clearly signposted, and the customer journey is a cinch. We particularly liked the product page, with its rating system.


A lifestyle magazine – we again very much liked the straight lined design and the ‘mobile first’ design approach with the menu accessible via the now ever popular ‘burger menu; they also have their own online store.


One of the most effective uses of Youtube in a long time. Honda’s latest ‘R Type’ video had us massively overusing the ‘R’ key, and watching different sections for varying lengths of time. For the most fun, repeatedly tap it!


One of our own. Quiz re-launched their site in November and swiftly afterwards had their record ever day on Black Friday.  It may look a bit busy at first, but front-loading the site with magazine style content is different and another example of one of the myriad of design opportunities available to integrate on Aurora.


Subject to much publicity on their £50M re-launch earlier in the year – Selfridges have quietly got on with it, and to our eyes have actually done a rather nice job. Looking at their current homepage, with a vertical flipbook approach, you can see the twinkling of confidence.


One of our new design partners, and another company with a 2014 rebrand, Born has come from the ashes of Pod1 and FMG. Their new site is striking and elegant and certainly the start of something new.


Oft mentioned, and for good reason. Ao.com has swiftly become an awards horse.  Striking again, strategically with PPC a superb strategy on Black Friday, everything AO do at the moment seems to turn to gold. Have a look around and see what you think.


And finally, we have re-launched our site, with some shiny new parallax inspired movement and vertical design. Watch this space, there’s more to come…

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